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  1. Thanks Augeas for clarifying. I also did a deep scan, but same result. It found a lot of png files, and old jpg files where I could see the preview, but the new ones seem to be lost forever. Would be nice if Windows dedicated a special folder for deleted files from the recycle bin within a week. One normally finds out the mistake in that time span. But I am a little wiser now, and not so trigger happy in the future Michael
  2. I completely deleted jpg/psd files from my recycle bin. I have made a scan, and it finds a lot of old deleted files, but only one of the today deleted files. I have a lot of space on my C Drive (and also D drive), but don't know which drive deleted recycle bin files are hidden. Can somebody clarify, and is there any way I can recover the deleted files. Are deleted recycle files hidden in a specific folder on the C/drive? Michael
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