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  1. Thanks for your reply. The deep scan is finally over and I was able to recover many files, but the larges ones could not be recovered... I was reading the forum and find this: I think it means that I will not recover my huge files... Thank you for answer me so quickly.
  2. Hi, Everyone I'm suffering panic attack right now, but I'll survive, I guess... I just accidentally deleted (SHIFT+DEL) a folder with all my family footage (~150GB) during a data organization on my external hard drive (4TB, but 3TB free). I'm currently waiting for the Deep Scan, but I was thinking if there is a way to simply "unmark" the folder as deleted. It would be amazing if the folder just came back from the ashes. I dont know if there is a way to just "undo" the deletion without having to copy the files. If someone could help me I'll be extremely thankfull
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