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  1. I have to apologize to you. What I meant was, that in custom clean, not all cookies are wiped out and were still visible. But, my mistake, I did'nt check "cookies" in the settings for Chrome. So some cookies remained. Now everything is ok. Regards Hans
  2. Hi, I have an additional question but directing into the the same sense: If I only start the customized clean and look into the cookies settings, then not only the cookies to keep ar present, but the unwanted cookies on the Computer, too. This is not the case when using easy clean - then all unwanted cookies are wiped out. This looks a little bit strange, as I expected the unwanted cookies to be handled, too. can you help? Regards Hans
  3. I'm using CCleaner successfully with two exceptions. I definitely don't want to having wiped out the Firefox cache and the history of Adobe Acrobat Reader. This doesn't take place when starting the Custom Clean process, but in the Easy Clean section, despite I excluded the folder where the FF cache is located. In the Custom Clean process CCleaner doesn't wipe out tracking cookies, so I want to start both processes. Settings for the Acrobat Reader I didn't found. Any help is greatly appreciated. Regards Hans
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