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  1. I just want to do my HDD. I meant the detection of SSD's might be making it upset or something. :f Help, Shaun! :'c
  2. Do not defrag an SSD. <-- There's a fullstop there. <-- And here. (If you understand my meaning.) Never do it. HDDs are a storage room full of boxes, you rearange things back to where it belongs like tetris to get the most room and if by choice, put the most used things at the front. SSDs are like a bucket of water. It's always an even distribute surface. No matter how much water goes into the bucket. There is a purpose to moving boxes around in the storage room. There is NO purpose, to scooping a cup of water, and dumping it back into the bucket. It's a pointless exercise. Defragging an SSD only wastes your write quota, and you accomplish.. NOTHING.
  3. Not sure Shaun, I just did a fresh install of Win10, and I still crash to blue. Errors vary. This time it was a "Bad Pool Call" other times it's something else. Grabbed it from FileHippo, or Piriform, can't remember. I have two SSDs and a Data Drive, perhaps it doesn't like the SSD's. 931GB Hitachi HGST HTS721010A9E630 (SATA ) 232GB NVMe Samsung SSD 960 (RAID (SSD)) 465GB NVMe Samsung SSD 960 (RAID (SSD)) My System does NOT like the program. (Speccy works fine) Now using 1903.
  4. Hi. No idea what to say.. Win10 Pro - 1809 I launch DeFraggler, and my system just crashes. The ":(" thing and everything. Bluescreen. I reinstalled, problem persists. Think I might just format.
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