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  1. Hi Dave & nukecad Thanks for the replies ! I hardly used the computer whilst I was on holiday. I just tried another Recuva scan with deep scan and recovered some Excel and pdf files wanted (Green Excellent quality not overwritten) but none of the recovered the files will open ?? I may not have been using Windows 10 backup or One Drive correctly ?? But disappointed with both I have just copied and pasted my remaining files to an external drive to be on the safe side.
  2. Hi I used CCleaner for the first time about 4 weeks ago to delete (I thought ?) duplicate files from my pc having made backups on external drive and OneDrive but subsequently found they had failed. When I checked my pc I realised had lost some important Excel files I require for my small business and a significant chunk "Sent" Emails for last 10 months or so, but Inbox emails are all OK ? When I tried Recuva to recover the deleted files no sign of the Excel files not even references to the file names ? Some PST files were recovered but not sure how to check these Microsoft Help people were not much use ?? I realise this is a complicated question but any advice or ideas of what to do next welcome Thanks in advance Denis
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