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  1. Thank you Dave - I will allow until Monday next week for you to make any response. Whilst I appreciate you may have announced in May this year that changes are going to be made, I don't think that's much of a defence or excuse considering the GDPR has been in place for almost 18 months now (plus the business had ample time in the run up to the GDPR being enacted) so I find it difficult to believe that it takes more than 4 months since your announcement to amend the software code and remove the pre-ticked box. Seems to me this is more to do with priorities and the business has decid
  2. The letter wasn't addressed to anyone specific but it was sent to your registered office listed on Companies House by recorded delivery and it was signed for on 20 August - I will PM you the tracking number.
  3. Well, I've sent a letter and after allowing 14 days to reply, I have received no response at all and that is disappointing. I'll be spending this week drafting the claim with a view to it being issued by the end of the week. I expect at that point Piriform will have no choice but to engage their lawyers and it will be interesting to see what sort of defence will be given. By the way Dave, I don't consider the embedding of a product which is entirely independent of CCleaner to be a product configuration setting if that's what you are suggesting. The only connection is that they are
  4. Hello Dave Thanks for the reply, I'm not sure what happened with me missing the initial installation screen but either way, I was not best pleased when I had realised what happened. On the GDPR point, you're quite right that the GDPR is concerned with the processing of personal data, however, the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations covers direct marketing which requires consent for any electronic marketing. Historically, there was no definition of consent in the PECR but instead referred to the ePrivacy Directive which in turn referred to the Data Protection Directive.
  5. As the title suggests, CCleaner was installed unknowingly and without my consent. Yes you might say that it was shown on the initial install box but mine went straight to install for whatever reason. Nonetheless, I'm concerned about the fact that Piriform have the box pre-ticked which is out of kilter with the GDPR since it's a form of marketing. I also noticed on sign up of the forum, the option to receive news and updates is pre-ticked which is another no no under the GDPR. Please can a moderator or one of the admin provide me with the address for the legal team? If I've no
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