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  1. Also, many programs write to internet cache. Have you added anything, such as a desktop gadget, or program.


    Nope, no desktop gadgets. Haven't added anything that would use the internet cache but then I've never heard of programs writing to the IE cache if IE isn't running.

  2. Look inside your temporary internet files folder and just check if there is anything in there and do the same with your temp folder. Maybe it has something to do with index.dat? Have you changed CCleaner's settings recently?


    There is/was data in the temp internet folder. I do use IE8 occasionally because of a few picky web sites, so that's to be expected. Always stuff in the temp folder. I use CCleaner every 2 weeks to clean out specified areas. Been doing it this way for years. When I tell CCleaner to analyze, I can watch it cycle thru the temp internet folder very slowly. In times past, it would cycle very quickly but that was with XP and Vista. Maybe there's something different going on in Win 7 (32 bit).


    Haven't changed any settings lately.

  3. Running Win 7 Home Premium with IE8. Is it my imagination or is the analyzing phase slow in getting thru the IE8 "temp internet files" section??? I am running the latest slim version of CCleaner. It's been doing this for at least a month or so, maybe more.

  4. My Local Settings is a hidden folder, but when I unhide it, the Temp folder isn't hidden. I use CCleaner to clean out a lot of rubbish from my system and the files in the Local Settings\Temp folder are usually found by that program, but when I try to clean them out, they never manage to get deleted. Can I delete them all manually, or are the files all left there for a reason? Lots are XML and TMP files, but there are a few installer and uninstaller things in there, but some of these are for programs that I no longer have on my system anymore.


    Any files in that folder can be deleted manually unless it has the current date on it and it's being used.

  5. I'am using two user on my XP system (one only for internet access). How I can clean the Firefox bookmark backups? The backups are stored in the directory "C:\D+S\Username\Applicationdata\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\Profilename.default\bookmarkbackups". Is there a variable for the Firefox profile like %userdir%"?




    By default, Firefox only saves 5 bookmark backups. They aren't that big. You can also do an about:config and change the browser.booikmarks.max_backups to a lower # or 0.

  6. Are you right clicking the actual registry backup file that CCleaner created? From the CCleaner Beginneres guide (Link HERE):


    The backup should have created a .reg file. All you should have to do is double left click on the backup file.

  7. Ed Y asked:


    Concerning my knowledge, the cache (of any Browser) is specific to each User.

    a. Are you logged in as Administrator?


    b. Is your PC configured as a Multiuser-Plattform? (Multi-User OS?)


    c. Can it be that Firefox was installed in a different location? (several profiles?)

    maybe you have to adapt CCleaners Settings, concerning its exact cleaning locations...



    a. Yes I am.


    b. No


    c. Yes, Firefox is NOT installed in the default folder. I keep non-MS programs that I install myself in a separate path.


    I will check out the .ini files in CCleaner and see what's in them. Never thought of that.

  8. From the guide:

    Temporary Files

    Many applications use temporary files when working to save information. These are normally deleted upon exit, but occasionally they can be left behind. Normally when the program is not shut down properly. This option will safely delete these files. (By default it only removes files that haven't been used in the last 10 days, this prevents current temp files from being removed. There is an option to turn off this feature on the Options window.)


    Temporary files and internet cache are 2 completely separate items. You are talking about temp files left in the temp folder under Local settings folder for the user in question or all users.

  9. Ed,


    When you open ccleaner do you see the applications tab shown here?




    When you click on that applications tab does it show firefox, with check boxes for, cookies, internet cache, and internet history right at the top?


    Yep, it's there. I only check 3 of them, download history, internet cache, internet history. I handle cookies with Cookie Culler.


    Update: I just ran a CCleaner Analyze and after examining each entry, I only see the Firefox download history and internet history showing as Firefox items to be deleted.

  10. No Applications tab??? What version of CCleaner are you using?


    P.S. to make sure that Firefox is completely closed, open Task Manager and look for the firefox.exe process. Sometimes, after using Firefox for a very long time, it needs several minutes to close, in order to release all allocated memory.



    I'm referring to the CCleaner guide referenced in the other posts? Supposedly it had info about cleaning Firefox but the Applications tab doesn't show in the guide.


    I am using the latest version of CCleaner and I did use Task Manager to make sure Firefox wasn't running.

  11. Hi,


    I battled with this problem for weeks last year. CCleaner has never caused it, in fact, it may even have helped avoid it. The issue resolved itself following a WMP Security Update last summer.


    When I suddenly noticed a few days ago that the .DAT files were again appearing with WMP icons, I re-installed WMP 10, and I think -- at least so far, that has done the trick.




    I'm contemplating rolling back to WMP 10 also. Did you encounter any problems doing this? I just don't like WMP 11.

  12. A registry defragmenter is a standard Windows feature.


    If you want to have one that is better, faster and free, try JkDefrag. Downloadable here


    Where is the registry defragmenter in Windows? I've never seen one. I think you're confusing the Disk Defragmenter with a Registry Defragmenter.

  13. I just checked the cache size on Firefox, ran CCleaner with the Firefox "internet cache" option checked to clear it out. After running, the cache size remained the same. Then did a restart, the cache is still there.


    Is this a problem with the latest version of Firefox or is something else happening??

  14. It's my understanding that the final release of IE7 (or it might be a Windows Update) added extra security to prevent modifications to the index.dat file. This info came from the The Cache Sentry Pro owner. I've been using Cache Sentry for years with good results in managing temp internet files and index.dat.


    Anyone know if this is so?


    Does the Index.dat Suite have any problems deleting the index.dat file in IE7???

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