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  1. I'm new to using Defraggler and only downloaded it because of the drive map display. I have a Windows 7 laptop with a 1 TB SSD drive. I read the warning about using Defraggler with an SSD could reduce the lifetime of the drive, but I thought doing one run of Defraggler wouldn't hurt. I was wrong. My drive initially reported that it was 50% fragmented, so I started running Defraggler. After almost an hour later, the program had completed defragmenting 3% of my C: drive 250 GB partition, but as it was running, I was watching the free space slowly decreasing. At that point my total size had gone from 250 GB to 249 GB, and my free space had gone from 60 GB down to 56.6 GB and it was continuing to drop, so I stopped the program from running any further. As a test, I ran the standard Windows defragger on the remaining partition, and it completely defragged but it's memory sizes were unaffected. I went back and used the standard Windows defragger on the C: drive and seem to have recovered the lost free space, but not the lost total space. Since I actually like the software, is there any feedback someone can give me as to why this happened and how I can fix it so I can use the software without adversely affecting my SSD? Thanks.
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