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  1. Followed CCleaner builds link downloaded 5.61 slim and installed... hazelnut All appears good and functioning properly... Thanks again for your help...
  2. Thanks for your reply and your time... Task Manager is clear Whats the difference ??? slim build
  3. My apologies if I'm rehashing this topic but I have read the other threads and none of them seem to apply to my situation. OS = Windows 10 with latest update Apps and Features = Anywhere McAfee Antivirus = Real time scanning shut down + Firewall shut down Download CC 5.60 Free = OK Install = Gets to window with install button and click Install bar flashes green twice, install window closes and install fails = no further activity So far 10+ attempts to update including multiple fresh downloads & uninstalls Frustration has lead to using Windows Disk Cleaner... which I hate Been using CCleaner for years and never had this happen before ???
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