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  1. One final question; if I were to accomplish a deep scan and I located the deleted file I wanted to restore by its file name from the files in the normal scan, is there an easy way to then find that same file, that now has only a number and extension, from the deep scan files? I am to the point now that I need to do a little experimenting. It has been very good of you to not only answer my questions but to share your knowledge and expertise with me. Thank you so much. John
  2. Augeas, I know a normal scan indicates a file by its name and path if available; and also a deep scan indicates a file by a number and extension. But both scans will find the same number of deleted files, right? And nukecad, what you are saying makes sense; but the number of hours a deep scan takes makes it prohibitive to me. I want to thank both of you for replying. I guess the three cardinal rules of computing; backup, backup, backup is right. Again, thank you both very much. I can be so dense. John
  3. If a Normal Scan and a Deep Scan finds the exact same number of deleted files my understanding of a Deep Scan has been only partially correct and this is starting to make a little sense to me. If I can please ask a couple more questions, 1) Why doesn't Recuva allow for the Deep Scan to be saved to be used later? 2) If a Deep Scan is selected when it is finished is it easy to distinguish which is the result of the Normal and Deep scans, is there a break or is it all together. I appreciate all replies and would thank you in advance. John
  4. I did download and install the free version of Recuva. And, while I have been successful in finding a few specific deleted files with the path/file name option, I have questions regarding a Deep Scan. Any help would be appreciated and I would thank you in advance. 1) Can a Deep Scan be saved and searched at a later date? 2) Can a Deep Scan be searched by actual file name? For some reason I seem to recall seeing that a Deep Scan only shows the deleted files by number and extension, such as 00001.jpg, not by actual file name. If so, that would mean having to look at each file until the o
  5. I am confused as I don't recall, when I had Recuva installed, ever utilizing options in Advanced Mode. However, I do remember the scans I did perform containing non-deleted files. It would appear that if I wanted to see non-deleted files I would need to select by checking the option in Advanced Mode. Is there a way of scanning for only deleted files in Recuva? The reason I remember so well my previous scans containing non-deleted files the scans displayed thousands of files and as the computer was fairly new I knew there couldn't have been that many files deleted. One last question, is it
  6. I am thinking of downloading and installing the Recuva Free Version. But before I do I want to know if when running a search if Recuva identifies only the deleted files or all files, which would include the existing files? It seems to me that when I did have Recuva installed that when I ran a search Recuva identified all files. If Recuva identifies all files, including existing files, why would this be helpful to someone only looking for files that are deleted? As you can tell from my question I am not very experienced when it comes to trying to recover a deleted file. But if someone can
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