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  1. .... is a biggest let down. I have submitted a ticket 4 days ago and none responding to it. So the problem is I bought defraggler pro and it sees hdd as ssd and I can not use it. And I try to contact to support unit but they are not working I guess maybe they get the money and thats it no help after bought a product so I suggest never buy anything from this company they are acting like scammers. I spent money for nothing I get back. I am so pissed. Maybe some of you will think I am an idiot to buy their product but I was frustrated bout stutters and freezing so I tried to see what happens if I use "pro" defraggler and yep nothing happened even its not working. And the support is not responding 4 days. Then I wanted refund but nope they are not looking at it. Beware this company I am not gonna use ccleaner even after this. They are not deserve any support financial side....
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