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  1. Hello fellows, I´m using Defraggler to try to move the files to the beginning of a seagate 8Tb hard disk. Although Defraggler shows that the files are not fragmented, I see great portions of gap between them. These files are only video and common files, not system files nor important files. I used the option defragg freespace, but it looks like it stays at 16% forever, moving some little things or not for 4 hours and the view is basicaly the same ( It doesn´t seem to work ), so I had another idea: Copy all files to another Hard disk and bring them back. Well, when I do that, the folder is copied fine, but when I watch on defraggler, it´s not contiguous, it´s written part on the beginning of the disk and parts around the middle of the disk, and I wanted that these files could be located at the beginning of the disk because they are video files, I need speed. What could be happening ? Any suggestions ? Thanks in advance.
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