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  1. Hey thanks for writing back, so oooops I did send it as a link to some of my friends using IE 11, but no one has written back telling me they tried it yet, so I'm sorry if maybe that was a mistake but it was only a few and I really was impressed with the speed. So OK yes I was talking about having a link to my own email integration so I can send a web page link. Here is something that happened to me yesterday, I was using your browser and decided to pay a small propane bill and when I got to a certain point to put in my CC info I couldn't so I called the company and we switched back to IE11 and then it worked. So I concluded that it was the Ad Block, so right now it's turned off, I went to the settings page and turned off all the checks to make it stop. I do want to use it but sometime it needs to be stopped so if when you are messing around with it in the future could you add a simple stop feature to do a task then easily turn it back on? The settings page for the Ad Block for a armature are completely undecipherable so I turned them all off, yeah now the web pages are jumping with ads but they work. I was very impressed on the speed of integrating my Favs. from IE 11 and that's so much better than having to start over bookmarking sites again when you use Fire Fox or Chrome which are not as good and easy as Internet Explorer. Thanks, Marc
  2. OK so 1st I'd like to say this browser is pretty good, very user friendly nice job guys. So I could be missing something here but is there a way to link to my email so I can send a page link to friends? Thanks.......M
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