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  1. Hey thanks for writing back, so oooops I did send it as a link to some of my friends using IE 11, but no one has written back telling me they tried it yet, so I'm sorry if maybe that was a mistake but it was only a few and I really was impressed with the speed. So OK yes I was talking about having a link to my own email integration so I can send a web page link. Here is something that happened to me yesterday, I was using your browser and decided to pay a small propane bill and when I got to a certain point to put in my CC info I couldn't so I called the company and we switched back to IE
  2. OK so 1st I'd like to say this browser is pretty good, very user friendly nice job guys. So I could be missing something here but is there a way to link to my email so I can send a page link to friends? Thanks.......M
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