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  1. The delay and inactivity on this issue which you "appreciate the severity of" is ludicrous given the length of time you have been aware of it. The issue and finding a solution shouldn't be too complicated in so far as you have a start point to investigate from...............what did you change in the last update? Start there. So far as your question re OneDrive, are you serious? It really shouldn't matter that I do or don't have it installed. But to answer............OneDrive is NOT installed. I have checked the various services, tasks etc and I am SURE that no OneDrive component is running or acting on my system. OneDrive has been uninstalled and eradicated in it's entirety from my system. In my world OneDrive does not exist as I, and others, have made perfectly clear. As soon as my current licence expires, Ccleaner will suffer the same fate and be eradicated from this system.
  2. I will have a look thank you. Fully understand the concern re these types of tools but, until recently, Ccleaner has been great. Simple to use and efficient, effective, job done. Not anymore.
  3. My licence doesn't expire until August 2020. But rest assured I will not be renewing. It's difficult to understand why Piriform haven't addressed this issue. Even to the point the issue hasn't been acknowledged with assurances it's being worked on. And yet still selling and renewing licences. Quite disgusting really.
  4. It appears I have spoken too soon. I do not have OneDrive on my PC. Ran CCleaner yesterday and unable to open Office components today (Outlook). Have just been forced to carry out a re-installation of Microsoft Office 365. For goodness sakes Piriform when are you going to address this issue?!
  5. It appears I have spoken too soon. I do not have OneDrive on my PC. Ran CCleaner yesterday and unable to open Office components today (Outlook). Have just been forced to carry out a re-installation of Microsoft Office 365. For goodness sakes Piriform when are you going to address this issue?!
  6. Hi SO, I can't advise any further than to tell you that the 'fix' by Picky Number 1 has worked for me and I've had no further problems. That said I hope I haven't put a hex on myself with that statement but all has been well here for some months now. I am somewhat surprised the powers that be here haven't sorted this issue by now!
  7. Microsoft OneDrive uninstalled as per the quoted guide by Picky Number1. Run CCleaner as before on custom scan. Open Outlook via taskbar pinned shortcut followed by Word and Excel etc via start menu shortcuts. No problems or issues of any kind when opening Office 365 components So thanks to the input of Picky Number1 my problem is fixed, thank you so very much Sir. I have never used OneDrive and have no use for it so it's a redundant component so far as I'm concerned. I can do without it. Anybody else who is in the same situation follow the instructions by Picky Number1 and your problem is solved. To Piriform you have the direction to concentrate your efforts (?)(!) in order to fix this issue for customers that do require OneDrive. Right, I'm off to write an email
  8. Thanks Picky Number1 & nukecad. I will need to take a look in the morning as the PC is now performing backups etc and can’t be disturbed. I will come to this thread tomorrow. Your help is very much appreciated.
  9. I can try that but is it even possible to install Office 365 components individually? Mine all installs as a bundle. Just checked and it appears I don't have an option to uninstall One Drive individually. Further edit: The version of OneDrive on my machine is the latest version available for download v19.123.o624.0005
  10. So I'm now updated to 1903 and............................. my classic old solitaire has gone and Cortana is back ggrrrrr. Seems Cortana can't be disabled anymore without also disabling search. I know this is the wrong place for a whinge but ggrrrrrr! Please don't respond to the above. I was just having a frustrated whinge and want to stay on topic. Sorry.
  11. Hi Stephen, can I assume you want me to run CC prior to the above? I ask because if not I know I will not get an error message. I’ve been using Outlook via the taskbar shortcut as recently as an hour ago.
  12. Cease to be supported? How does that happen? Two windows versions behind? Again how does that happen given updates are set to download and install automatically?
  13. Stephen CCleaner, the version of CCleaner you are using (we need to reconfirm this to test on an identical version) v5.60.7307 (64bit) the edition of CCleaner you are using (e.g. CCleaner Free, CCleaner Pro) CCleaner - Professional Edition. the OS version of Windows you are using: already confirmed as Windows 10 the edition of Windows you are using (e.g. Professional, Home) Home the Windows build you are using (search for "Windows Update Settings" and scroll down to 'OS build info', e.g. "17134.885") OS Build 17134.885 your Windows architecture: already confirmed as 64-bit the version of Internet Explorer you are using I.E. v11.885.17134.0 (although I never use I.E. I use Firefox Quantum 68.0.1(64bit) how you are trying to launch Outlook Usually via a shortcut pinned to the taskbar. Sometimes via the start menu. The steps you ask me to perform are beyond my capability without explicit instructions/guidance. I'm not that computer savvy and don't have the first idea as to how I go about navigating to the areas you require. I can assure you it's definitely and can only be CCleaner causing the problem. I know this because all Office products, including Outlook load and run as intended prior to using CC. Every time I use CC and then try to use an Office product I get the error message previously described whether I try to use the taskbar shortcut or start menu shortcut. The option to clean them is unchecked in the custom clean settings and always has been. I reinstall Office 365 and all is fine again until I next use CC. As was the case again only a few days ago when I again had to reinstall Office 365.
  14. It's strange right enough. APMichael I very much appreciate your help. Indeed it would be nice if Piriform were able to help. Hence my question earlier asking if anybody reads these bug reports. It appears Piriform don't!
  15. Thanks APMichael but..................................... "Desktop Shortcuts" and "Start Menu Shortcuts" rules (as Dave CCleaner already mentioned) are unchecked. Also no Office products are checked so I fail to see why CCleaner is corrupting Office. No it doesn't work to start Office using one of the shortcuts in the start menu. I get the very same error message trying that as I get from using the taskbar shortcut. If CC doesn't actually remove anything that could cause this problem why is it actually causing this problem? Because it is indeed causing this problem. I'm not alone in this experience and the only answer is to reinstall Office after using CCleaner.
  16. I’m not for a moment going to say I’m glad this is happening to you. I will say however I’m relieved that I’m not imagining things and losing my marbles.
  17. Strangely, by pure coincidence,............ surely not! Yesterday CCleaner offered two updates one very soon after the other. This morning Windows prompted a restart due to an update. So I updated CCleaner twice yesterday and before restarting in order to update Windows I ran CCleaner. Ran it as I always have done without any Office products ticked on a Custom Clean. Then restarted, Windows update installed and ran Office Outlook followed by Word and then Excel. Without issue they all opened as they should without any notifications of corruptions of any sort. Coincidence or updates fixing things? I don't know but I will plod on and keep a close eye on things. Any issues I will report back here. Please accept my humble gratitude to those that have got involved and tried to help me with this rather frustrating glitch.
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