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  1. Wonderful. I've just tried it and, while it isn't recognising the need for any updates (which is what I expected), there's no error message. I think I can safely say that the issue has been resolved so far as I'm concerned. Thanks to those working on the server for their hard work, and to you for informing us.
  2. Thanks for letting us know about the outage. That would certainly go a long way to explaining why it hasn't been able to get installed software and appropriate updates!
  3. I'm not using the trial. I'm using the paid up version, so it isn't a trial version glitch but a program glitch. Hopefully the admin will report this thread or the poor developers are going to be barraged by users with the same problem. The fact that it's already attracted a number of users suggests that something has gone wrong with the latest update(?). I'll wait before I report directly. It could be that they'll need a dump sent by a few users in order to identify where it's going wrong. It would be nice for everyone if it were something straight forward. Windows 10 Home 64-bit version being used here.
  4. Thanks for the link. I thought there may be some sort of resolution here. I'm pressed for time at the moment and probably won't get a moment to submit a report/query today. It's not a question of great urgency for me. If it's a glitch that's rectified, or if there's an easy tweak to fix it, it'd be useful if it were recorded here. Cheers!
  5. Okay, there's now at least a third user reporting this problem (being me). I've been getting the same error message for about the last week each time I check for software updates, despite the fact that there's a happy message that everything is up to date. I installed the latest Java platform immediately prior this message box popping up every time I take a peek. I don't know whether the two are related, or whether there's just some unrelated glitch.
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