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  1. I urge you not to uninstall CCleaner - it is an excellent product. Just uninstall the CCleaner browser and correct the file type association.
  2. Thank you for the clarification. This, I did not know ....... info beyond my technical knowledge ..... I am confident the Dev Team is on it - no complaints here. (I don't typically get involved in forums - I will bow out now and leave it up to the experts.)
  3. You may only need to uninstall the CCleaner Browser if it does this to your PDF downloads. If you do not have the same issue, no action is necessary. Note: CCleaner optimization tool otherwise works great. It only converted the file associations of PDFs on my system at the time of download of Version: v5.59.7230 (64-bit). This was corrected by one-time doing of the following:
  4. After I remedied the app file associations, I later found that any PDF that I downloaded and attempted to save would be saved as a CCleaner HTML Document. The remedy was to uninstall CCleaner Browser................ Thank you for your comments and assistance!
  5. Thank you for your reply. Yes, I do have Adobe Acrobat installed and have been using it for years. I only open PDFs in Acrobat. BUT - I have fixed the problem - I researched "windows 10 change file type association" in Google. https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-change-file-associations-in-windows-2624477 Windows Settings/Apps/Default apps/Choose default apps by file type scroll down to locate file extension (.pdf) to find it associated with CCleaner HTML change association to Adobe Acrobat Thanks Dave - I believe this matter is resolved. I will edit my post and remove any reference to being "pi**ed". PISSED NO MORE
  6. I am mad - I do not have time for this! I have been hijacked! I just updated to CCleaner v5.59. Upon opening Windows Explorer I see that all my Adobe Acrobat documents (.pdf) have been changed to "CCleaner HTML Document" I can no longer open a PDF to show in Acrobat from Windows Explorer !!!!!!!!!! The document opens as a webpage - I can't have this! Now I've learned that my Snagit Editor does not work! HELP! Version: v5.59.7230 (64-bit)
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