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  1. PeterW

    Drive Wiper

    Free space only
  2. PeterW

    Drive Wiper

    CCleaner is installed on each of the affected laptops. CC version is 5.59.7230 and OS is Windows 7 Pro fully updated.
  3. PeterW

    Drive Wiper

    I think you've misunderstood, I can't start Drive Wiper. In fact I can't even select the drive to start it, when I move the mouse over the C drive to select it and wipe the free space I just get a blue circle. I can never select the C drive to wipe the free space.
  4. PeterW

    Drive Wiper

    Does this function actually work? I've tried on multiple laptops (HDD) to wipe the free space, every time all I get each time is a blue wheel when I try and select the drive.
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