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    All kind of useful Software<br />Browser = Opera 8.54<br /><br />Supernature Forum:<br />Responsible for the Hot Links and the Tutorial Forum.<br />Download Section of the SN-Forum.
  1. To restore recoverable files for erasing them is not a good idea. They will be restored at a new physical adress on your harddisk - that means that the formerly found traces still remain on your harddisk. Try out Smart Data Scrubber. It deletes traces of formerly deleted programs. But you must block the outgoing connection of this program because it`s adware. I do not exactly know what kind of entries are deleted by Smart Data scrubber - but I wasn`t able to recover deleted files with O&O Unerase V 4.0 after using Smart Data Scrubber. In addition you should use eraser with the following options (weekly / monthly) : - Free Disk Space ( and MFT Records) - Cluster Tip Area - Directory Entries And don`t forget to reboot after Cleaning!
  2. Sysinternals tools are very useful but now they are distributed by Microsoft : MS Technet : Sysinternals Homepage I hope they will remain freeware.
  3. For a detailed view of open ports and established connections you may also use: CurrPorts or What`s Running. Both freeware.
  4. Index.dat Analyzer shows the content of index.dat files. Perhaps other tools can do this too or even better - I dont`t know. With CCLeaner you can specify folders and files of your own choice to be cleaned at startup.
  5. Here are a some security related links: E.Howes: Protecting Your Privacy & Security on a Home PC A great site with many security related informations. Greatis: Description of RegRun Security Suite A description of the different possibilities how malware can affect your system is included. Autostartende Anwendungen unter Kontrolle : German article This article is a german translation of the greatis article. (Sorry for my bad english - but the last time i used to speak and write in english regularly is about 20 years ago.) SevenSpirits
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