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  1. If they don't shape up the FOSS community will solve the problem forever. And then they'll wish they didn't let their greed ruin what used to be legendary software with a spotless reputation.
  2. CCleaner has been one of the most reliable and essential pieces of software on my PCs for over 10 years. Recommended to basically every person who asks. I updated today after not doing so for a while and didn't like what I saw. So I rolled back a few versions from there and didn't like what I saw then either. So now ccleaner is uninstalled until I either find which was the last version before you started misbehaving, or an alternative program. Big shame you guys absorbed the toxic, anti-consumer "app" paradigms where you refuse to behave like a guest should. Being a polite guest doesn't involve being irritating, making me waste time fixing your bad behavior, doing things without permission or telling me what to do. Every adult should know basic ettiquette, there's no excuse including "but we want more money."
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