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  1. CCleaner creates an application for DXOPhotolab2, if this is unticked and Miscellaneous/Caches ticked then cached data from DXOPhotoLab is deleted, it shouldn't be as it deletes important photo data that is cached. Similarly, if I tick the DXOPhotolab and click analyse I get 0bytes and 1 file even though there is data in the cache. If I run CCleaner then the DXOPhotolab2 cache is deleted. It looks like CCleaner does not recognise the size of the DXOPhotolab2 cache, but knows it is one file. The only way around it is to untick both the application DXO and miscellaneous/caches, but this will not clear the rather large misc cache. Should DXOPhotolabs cache even be picked up in the miscellaneous /cache??. Can this be fixed please, or a work around set up so that the DXO Cache is not deleted from Miscellaneous. Many Thanks
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