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  1. Hi there, thanks for reaching out to us! The bug you have described above is known to us and we are working on fixing it. Please note, that your tracking is being protected in Kamo, but you may not be receiving this information. For further help and support please contact us at support@ccleaner.com or visit ccleaner.com/support. Thank you!

  2. Hi everyone, Kamo is our newest product dedicated to protecting people’s online privacy and want to hear your feedback and suggestions so we can build it in line with your needs. 

    Please use this thread to share your suggestions for Kamo and the features you would like to see! Thank you! 😊

  3. On 11/09/2020 at 17:56, Robertomoreyra said:

    Compre el RECUVA para recuperar unos archivos perdidos en mi disco. Localizo mas de 55.000 archivos ( eso me comunivo) Y NO RECUPERO NINGUNO.

    Me siento engañado por la utilidad de este software que se promociona como el gran recuperador de archivos, y no sirve para nada. El problema es que ya lo pague. Me siento estafado.

    Roberto Moreyra



    Hola Roberto, lamentamos que no esté satisfecho con nuestro producto. Comuníquese con nuestro equipo en support@ccleaner.com para solicitar un reembolso de su compra. Gracias.

  4. On 15/08/2020 at 21:33, BillyWhitewolf said:

    I recently paid for a 1year subscription and had to reinstall... It lost my subscription.. How do i recover?

    Hi there, you should be able to activate Pro features on CCleaner Android with your Google Play details. If you have changed your Google Play details or are experiencing any problems please contact our support team on support@ccleaner.com and we can look into this. Thank you.

  5. On 02/06/2020 at 04:54, Jul said:

    "code d'erreur 3: 0x80040154 -- system level"

    Hi Jul, thanks for all the info. It has been shared with our Browser team. 

    The error "code d'erreur 3: 0x80040154 -- system level" is unrelated to the uninstall issue, and means that an error occurred whilst checking for updates. Please could you let us know what happened when you went to 'Apps & Features' in the control panel? For example, did it launch the uninstaller window, or nothing happened? Thanks for helping us investigate this!

    On 02/06/2020 at 04:54, Jul said:

    browser_version=80.0.3576.125 (Official Build (64-bit))

    This also doesn't look quite right. Please could you tell us how you installed the browser, and if you still have the installer that you used? Thank you :)

  6. On 15/04/2020 at 14:29, djc314 said:

    I have been trying to delete the cc browser and have followed all the directions but when I get to the add/remove in settings the uninstall is grayed out.  I have all browsers closed.  any help would be appreciated.


    On 30/04/2020 at 20:43, ES5150 said:

    I am having a similar experience with ccleaner browser in Win10.  I did not want to install it, but missed the check box when I was updating my CCleaner app.  I've tried using the Control Panel and Apps & features to uninstall the browser. Didn't work.  I've also tried the CCleanerBrowserUninstall.exe located in C:\Program Files (x86)\CCleaner Browser.  That didn't work either. All three methods above did nothing.  I'm super frustrated... 


    Hi there, I have flagged this issue to our Browser team, and they require Diagnostic information in order to investigate this issue further.  It would be great if you could please share that with us, either here or with support@ccleaner.com. 

    To get Diagnostic information from CCleaner Browser, please go to Settings > About CCleaner Browser (right at the bottom of the panel on the left hand side) > Diagnostic Information. A box will pop up with the info, and you can just copy and paste it. Thank you! 😊

  7. 3 hours ago, lmacri said:

    Please note that the download link for CCleaner v5.64 in the CCleaner support article Which versions of CCleaner work with Windows XP or Vista? simply redirects users to https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds, which is currently offering the incorrect CCleaner v5.66.7716.  From that support article as of today:

    Hi Imacri, thanks for pointing this out. I have asked the team to update the article so it points to the right place. 

    The link provided by Hazelnut is the correct slim download for v5.64 :) 

  8. Hi Chris, thanks for reaching out to our community and apologies for the delay in getting back to you. 

    I can confirm that at this moment themes are not fully supported in CCleaner Browser (only experimental). You can enable themes and take part in the test, but it may cause some issues with the interface, though the risk is low. 

    To enable themes, please go to secure://flags and enable the flag 'Themes'. Screenshot is attached for your reference. 

    Please let us know if you require further assistance with CCleaner Browser. 



  9. 2 hours ago, Ayush Khurana said:

    I've downloaded the latest version of CCleaner 5.65 due to some reason I tried to uninstall it but it won't uninstall. I'm using Windows 7 64bit version, during execution of "uninst.exe" file NSIS error is shown, and if I tried to do it from control panel it shows you don't have sufficient administrative right. 


    Hi Ayush, thanks for reaching out to our community. The CCleaner QA team has investigated this, and recommend checking whether the uninstall string is incorrect. Please see below for the steps you need to follow to check for this: 

    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\CCleaner OR




    Please do let us know if this solution works. Thank you. 

  10. On 02/04/2020 at 18:50, Jerry E said:

    Sandra, your solution did not work.  I had to reinstall my Office Pro 2016 again.



    Hi Jerry, I'm sorry that the solution did not work. I have related this to our support team who are investigating this error, and they have suggested sending your file analysis and registry scan results to see if anything correlates. If you would like to help us, please see info below - our team is keen to find out what is causing this problem, and we appreciate your assistance with this. 

    To help us determine why this is happening on your system, can you please provide us with a copy of your analysis results from CCleaner?

    You can save the analysis results using the following steps:

    1. Open CCleaner > click "Custom Clean"
    2.Click "Analyze"
    3. Right-click an entry from the list of results > click "Save to text file..."
    (Please send this text file to us on support@ccleaner.com)

    Additionally, and if you had cleaned your registry prior to when this problem occurred, can you please provide us with a copy of the registry scan results, as well?

    You can save the registry scan results using these steps:

    1. Open CCleaner > click Registry
    2. Click "Scan for Issues"
    3. Right-click an issue from the list of scan results
    4. Click "Save to text file..."

    (If applicable, please send this text file to our support team)




  11. Hi Jerry, thanks for reaching out to our community.

    We suspect this may be attributed to CCleaner's removal of the OProcSessId.dat Office related file, which is (erroneously?) being stored inside of the Windows Temp folder.
    Specifically, we've had other customers report the same exact problem with Office, and after excluding this file from CCleaner in order to prevent it from being removed, the problem disappeared.

    Would you be willing to exclude this file as well, using the following steps?

    1. (If needed) Reinstate Microsoft Office so it is functional again

    Open CCleaner > click Options > Exclude

    2) Click Add > Drive or folder > Browse

    3) Navigate to: C:\Users\herbe\AppData\Local\

    4) Click on the "Temp" folder > click OK

    5) Select "File Types" and type: *.dat

    6)Click OK

    Once excluded, please use CCleaner again and afterwards, please verify if the Microsoft Office products are working, or not.

    Additionally, I would be greatly appreciative if you inform me whether or not this works because if this is the cause of the problem, I'll want to make sure our development team is aware of this issue as well.

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