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  1. ok. thanks. i never agreed to save my details in Chrome. But It`s saved I just thought that even if I am logged etc Ccleaner will delete everything from my Chrome something like a factory reset.  But I guess I was wrong.

    Have another quick question. Why I can see Ccleaner notification every few minutes saying that Internet Explorer has been closed and cleaned. I haven't  used IE in weeks but I can see that notification all the time every few minutes....?


    thank You guys



  2. Hi,

    I checked all the boxes in all the cleaning options in Custom Clean also in Applications where Google Chrome is. Google Chrome is closed and I run cleaning. But nothing is removed except the history. When I run Chrome I am still logged in to gmail, facebook etc. I already disabled "Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed" but still nothing at all.

    I tried with BleachBit even though I don`t like this software but still nothing 


    what is wrong? 


    please help

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