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  1. I actually haven’t recovered the drive yet. I ran the scan several times, and it kept crashing! It’s not a heavily used drive. I used it to transfer files from one drive to a new computer. I’ve used it only a handful of times, actually. I’ll try again with deep scan turned off.
  2. So...follow up question here! My last run of Recuva failed, because my laptop apparently turned off sometime during the night. (Even though I had it plugged in and disabled sleep mode.) Grrrr! I've been running the program on a desktop now, for about 28 hours and counting. It shows it's still on stage 1 of 3, with 61,857 files found. But the progress shows as 156%?! Estimated time left keeps cycling continuously through number of days, 45, 34, 7, 2, 22, 3, 6, 11.... What's up?? Is the end anywhere in sight? I can't tell either from the estimate or the progress bar how far along I am in this pr
  3. Never mind, I’m finally seeing progress after about 3.5 hours. It shows 8% progress and 2days estimated time. It still only shows 1 file found, but I’m assuming there’s more since I saw lots when I canceled the first run?
  4. So I’m trying to recover a 1TB Western Digital Elements portable hard drive. It’s showing as having bad sectors and won’t read at all in Windows Explorer. (I get an I/O error if I try to open it.). Chkdsk was unable to fix it. I partially scanned the drive with EasUS Data Recovery, which showed over 50,000 files found. I wasn’t excited about paying $70 for the full version of EasUS so I’m trying Recuva. I’m running a deep scan with checking for undeleted files. I ran it at first for 25-30 mins, but it seemed stalled, so I stopped it. It did show many files, so I started a scan again. Now
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