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  1. I have no message on what was posted in the forum in 2012 or 2013. When I bought it in 2014, the word annual or expiration date did not appear on any page I saw or in any email I received. I also did not buy it from some obscure retailer, as suggested in some answers, but directly from the Piriform website. If a company want to be honest with their clients, they put the important information clearly visible on the pages and not hidden in some obscure EULA that is almost impossible to read.
  2. I purchased CCleaner Professional Plus in 2014 as a one-time lifetime purchase. None of the documents showed any experation date field. Future updates were included. Now suddenly the program says my licence has expired and I have to pay a yearly subscription. I prefer to die before paying any more. When Avast acquired AVG, AVG started to show publicity pop ups, several times a day, even while I was having a professional, paid, licence. I fought with them for more then a year, many others did the same, but the problem never got solved. In fact the company ignored all complaints. AVG ended being that malware they were supposed to combat. So I installed stopped using AVG. Now that Avast has acquired Piriform, the same thing start to happen with CCleaner. I get popups while working. Well, most of the features I needed from the CCleaner suite 5 years ago, are now available in the Windows operating systems and in other software I have. If CCleaner continues to be annoying, it will not be a difficult decision to remove it. Still I think what Avast is doing is illegal and immoral, and I will - lifetime and for free - give my opinion on them every time I see their name appear.
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