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  1. Now that I've looked, a few others are having problems also.

    The last thing I can suggest is reboot after you install the update.

    If that doesn't work, you can try going into Safe Mode.




    Still no joy...started in Safe Mode after installing the recommended Microsoft update. CCleaner starts the Analyze process, then freezes with the Run Time Error. Any other suggestions from anyone? I'd sure like to run this software.

  2. Good afternoon. I am new to the forum and to the software. I installed and continue to get the run time error listed above. I tried to search the forum for fixes. I downloaded the updated software, as well as downloaded VB6 runtime and unchecked Outlook 2003 (I am using Beta 2007). I have even rebooted a couple of times. Nothing seems to work.


    Can someone assist me please?




    Michele :blink:





    I'm experiencing the same problem. Starting in Safe Mode resulted in a shutdown triggered by CCleaner -- no joy. I'm running XP SP2.

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