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  1. Well two things 1 here is screen shots proving it doesnt work manually adding the custom location to the INI File next when I run CCleaner its not even looking for the Custom Location so when I open Waterfox every bit of history is untouched. The latest version of CCleaner doesn't touch the Newest Waterfox Perhaps a open Menu Customize and add the Location with a drop box it would then be able to add any other browser variant? The above is the ini image meant to upload not the first one .... cant delete the wrong image...
  2. Nope I added it to latest CCleaner and got latest Waterfox it doesn't clean anything.... It only does my Firefox which I dont use anymore... Would be simpler to just have it at Pirform to add it as you do others so it works everytime. Just honest opinion...
  3. 2nd just include it by default as a supported browser
  4. I would like to see Waterrfox added to supported Browsers to Clean as I do for Firefox and Chrome. Etc.,
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