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  1. When I submit a reply, why am I getting message that says, "This field is required? without any indication about what field this refers to?
  2. If you do a Google search, you will find that complaints about CCleaner using most of computer's resources date back at least to 2007. That's 12 years ago! So what is Piriform's excuse for not looking into this matter and fixing it? Just opening CCleaner uses over 90% of resources before any of its features are invoked. I am using Windows 7, CCleaner Pro, Ver. 5.61.7392. The problem has existed for numerous versions before this one.
  3. Nergal, What are you referring to? Where am I supposed to check this box for Firefox compacting? I don't recall compacting Firefox. I compact my email program, Thunderbird. Not sure what I am supposed to be compacting in Firefox. One interesting note: EVERYTHING and I mean every action I ask CCleaner to do consumes almost all of my computer's resources according to Task Manager. Just switching from one section to another takes 81-97% of resources.
  4. No, only one copy CCleaner is running when this happens. I know this, because I click on the CPU column and can see that the program by itself is using up almost all of my resources. before I realized what a hog this program was, I was restarting everything. Now, if it happens (and it won't because I have disabled cleaning Firefox) i can wait it out for about four or five minutes when the cleaning is done and I am given control back by my computer. I don't know much about coding, but I would think that reports that CCleaner can open two or more copies of itself or that for any reason it needs
  5. hazelnut, It occurred when CCleaner was set to clean Firefox either when FF opened or closed. I tried both methods. I have disabled this feature and will see what happens. I am using Firefox ver 69.0.1
  6. This reply is for Dave CCleaner's post. Not sure why you need to see a screenshot of Task Manager when CCleaner is running. Take my word, it uses 93-98% of resources. My Task Manager for CCleaner does not look like your illustration when CCleaner is running. Besides, I cannot take a screenshot because CCleaner has completely taken over the computer.
  7. Using CCleaner Professional, Ver 5.61.7393. Program often uses 98% of resources, which stops all computer activity, forcing me to wait too long until the resources are recovered. This happens every time I use CCleaner and with every update I've installed. This can't be normal. Why is CCleaner such a resource hog?
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