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  1. Hello Dave, thanks for your help! I actually found my fonts on their usual location /Library/Fonts, but apparently is Font Book which is not re-installing them or recognizing them either as installed fonts. Could it have gotten corrupted or re-configured? Thanks! PS/ System fonts apparently took a toll too. I'll try restarting now.
  2. Hello everybody, I ran CCleaner yesterday and checked the fonts cleaning up option thinking it was just going to delete my cache like latest used fonts and such. I opened some files today and they are all misconfigured now as apparently it deleted all my non-original fonts, google fonts or other ones Ive been installing over the years. I'm a designer and this means it has deleted approximately +300 special fonts, is there any way to restore them? Oh and also It's like Font Book is broken cause I can't install other fonts either now. Thanks!
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