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  1. I need the Vilfo router because I'm working in different regions and need to have encrypted communications and be able to bypass cerin websites or ip's. Therefor i was a bit shocked when i realised that the sanitation of my computers was in danger when CCleaner refused to start. I could see that the IP in question was clearly owned by this company in Stockholm and therefor was not updated at CCleaner. Anyway I got my router running and so also CCleaner, made my life easier. Thank's all for taking time.....
  2. OK nukecad.. I have connected to another endpoint in Sweden and CCleaner is now working. I got the impression that CCleaner did there own GEO blocklists (not my profession) I have now learned that there is someone else that should update this. The help section of the router didn't say anything about Iran and GEOblocking. At least it's working now and I'm happy. CCleaner is a very useful tool for me. Thank's for helping....
  3. I have found out what the problem is: This ip was earlier used by someone in Iran. CCleaner hasn't updated it's GEO-data therefor this ip is blocked. Since CCleaner isn't responding on my tickets I don't know what to do.......
  4. Thank's Nukecad for the answer. I'll try to talk to manufacturer about it. In the meantime I'll check this IP to see if it has any connection with the mullahs in Iran :-).
  5. The country I'm connecting to is Sweden and that is the country I have stated in my subscription. I have had this subscription for many years also in Sweden. At the moment in Portugal. Could it be that Piriform doesn't have a clue to where i'm connecting and just send and error anyway? The funny thing is that Piriform doesn't answer my ticket.
  6. Hi! There is a problem using CCleaner Pro after installing Vilfo VPN-router. Error: "The product can't be used in your place" Anyone knows about that? Thank's
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