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  1. On 6/21/2019 at 21:13, nukecad said:

    Users have been telling you the simplest tweak for years - Don't have the offer box pre-ticked. (It's dodgy practice anyway).

    Even if you only do it for a trial period it would prevent 'click-through' accidental installs, and let you see the real size of any other problem.

    This ^^^^  <applause>

  2. Dave CCleaner: 

    1. Can you recall which 5.4x version you were updating from? Was this in response to an in-product notification advising that you were 11/12/13 released out of date?

    Possibly 5.44 but I'm not sure.  There was a reminder that there was a newer version to download.  I usually ignore those because they  just tend to add bloat that I don't use.

    1. At what point did Trend Micro pop up during the first failed install attempt? Do you recall what it said when it did pop up?

    During the installation the progress bar was perhaps 1/3 to 1/2 across.  I think TM's message was to the effect the the installer was doing a DLL modification or injection.  The options were to allow once or block once and it said something like 'If you don't press anything the action will be allowed in 30 seconds'. There were 2 of those - and then the installation hung. 

    1. At what point did the CCleaner installation show as unresponsive in the Task Manager? Was the failure to delete the old CCleaner executable something you observed, or was there a specific error message that popped up telling you that it had happened?

    I don't remember the exact details of what happened.  There was a message about being unable to delete the executable.  I triedreinstalling a couple of times andwhen I opened the task manager there were multiple CCleaner processes running - without any visible ccleaner windows.

    The PC may have been, as you say, a dozen releases out if date - that's exactly why I turn off the auto-update and the auto notifications and the auto-monitoring and the auto-phone-home  and the rest.  Ccleaner was great for me a couple of years ago and all the new 'features' that are being added take away from its utility..  I don't want it running background processes, I don't want the idiot mode, or the dumbed down report etc.

    I'll keep an eye out and let you know more details if it happens again.

  3. I created an account here just to confirm (as if it was needed) that the silent install of Avast is still happening. 

    I tried to update from v5.4x to v5.57 today.   The install screen was clean (no Avast splash).   I actively checked because I've been caught by it before on other PCs. Just like I check for McAffee installs with Adobe reader - once you've been caught a couple of times you remember.

    The upgrade failed to complete because it couldn't delete the old ccleaner executable.  My existing Antivirus (trend micro) had popped up during the install so I thought maybe it was interfering  with the process .  I closed down Trend Micro, used TaskManager to kill the hung CCleaner process then re-ran the CCleaner install. 

    Again there was NO splash offering Avast but a few minutes later Chrome popped up to tell me Avast was trying to install and extension. - and sure enough Avast had done a silent install.

    For the fun of it I deleted the registry key that ccleaner uses to check if the offer has been displayed. (Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\AvastAdSDK) Then uninstalled and-reinstalled ccleaner. This time the Avast splash screen was displayed.

    Third time round:  I uninstalled CCleaner, deleted the registry key again, restarted my Trend Micro antivirus and ran the installer again. No Avast offer and no avast install either. This is how it's meant to work.

    For what it worth - I understand the need to offer other software, and I appreciate the fact that they have made the banner loud and visible -but it does real damage to the credibility of the companies involved when this keeps happening and when their representatives appear to assume the hundreds of people reporting these sneak installs are stupid, blind or both.

    On 5/25/2019 at 02:06, Dave CCleaner said:

    the Avast banner was changed to a rather vivid purple and orange to make it even more eye-catching and hard to miss. But some people do still miss it. And then they get angry about it.

    No i didn't miss it. It wasn't there. Really.   I have loved using ccleaner and have installed it on dozens of PCs and I can tell you that these hidden installs do happen and no one who's seen it more than once or twice believes that it's not deliberate.  This has been going on for at least 6 months and has been independently verified.

    It looks like the commenters on this bleeping computer article  were right.  The day Avast's takeover of Piriform was announced people predicted they would be silently bundling and installing software and they were right.

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