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  1. Yes - approximately 945Mb. 7-Zip reduces it to around 45Mb - still a *very* large text file!
  2. Wow, I'm amazed by the rapid response - and on a weekend, too!! I ran Defraggler with the /debug3 switch. I then performed the following operations: 1) Check drive 2) Analyse drive 3) Defrag drive. Operations 1 and 2 completed successfully. The resulting log file is currently 946 646kb in size. Not sure if you want me to post it here (not sure if this will even be possible with such a large log file). Please advise. However - the defrag operation is currently still running, and I see it has progressed to 1% (previously it didn't get this far before failing). I have no idea what might be going on here. Thanks for your assistance!
  3. Running Defraggler (free version) v2.22.995 (64 bit) on Windows 7 Ultimate x64. I have a brand new 14Tb hard disk drive, of which I've used 3.7Tb. Defrag of this drive fails after a short time, telling me that there is 'not enough free space. There is 9.0Tb of free space on this drive. In the lower details panel, capacity is listed as 4 000 383 324 160 bytes (12.7Tb) - when it should be listed as 14 000 383 324 160 bytes - the first digit is truncated. Used space is given as 4 062 884 646 912 bytes (3.7Tb). Free space is given as 9 937 498 677 248 bytes (9.0Tb) Printscreen attached (Drive G:). Pretty sure this is unintended program execution..... Philip Bannor
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