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  1. I understand. But does ccleaner cause some problems with updates or not? If updates is properly installed then does it cause it? Ccleaner Cleaning Does Not Affect Windows 10 Update? I hope not. Thank you.
  2. So, if the windows updates are downloaded and asking for the restart and then run ccleaner then will it harm it? If you download the 1809 update from 1803 in Windows Update and downloaded and then running the ccleaner won't it harm ? because I so upgrade the system and installed it properly. So: 1., the windows update is downloaded 2. will be installed or will be installed at restart 3., you run the ccleaner 4. You restart the machine because it was requested by the windows update. So doesn't ccleaner hurt windows updates? I hope it is not Sorry my bad english, i'm from hungary
  3. Hi all! My question is, if I run ccleaner free under windows 10 and windows 10 has downloaded updates, will it not be affected by ccleaner? I hope it doesn't effect on it before rebooting. Thanks
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