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  1. As a workaround, I would suggest adding to the context menu, the item "delete selected file".
  2. Don't worry, I'm refraining from defragmenting the SSDs. I confess that on the screenshot that shows a current degrag, applies to an external HDD (WD MyBook) and I don't know why Defragler is wrongly reporting my HDD as SSD. For those ghost files that Defraggler still wants to defrag, I must add that it is not the first time I notice this bug.
  3. Hi, I noticed something surprising: The recycle bin of the external disk (WD My Book) has been emptied and yet, Defraggler (portable) detects large files, that it is about to defragment as you can see on the screenshot. I think it's a bug. EDIT: Moreover, these files are huge in size; a lot of time is foolishly wasted
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