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  1. not all pc's have a driver updater built in. im using a acer nitro 5 and ive had to update each driver manually one at a time using device manager, im requesting something like driver booster program into ccleaner it would make a bit of sence and be a great idea. well atleast I figure a all in one program that not only cleanes the system but also update fully, protect fully and clean fully against everything be so to speak the best program on the market that is a great all in one.
  2. figuring that there is a software updater for out of date apps and programs there is a way to add a driver updater as well to make pc usage even more easier. so to speak a all in one program like I have seen threw the forums of anti virus, system cleaner, app and program updater and ect.. so I figure also add a driver updater to keep the system up to date as well
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