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  1. Ah OK. I'll always use the slim build from now on, then.
  2. This solution worked perfectly. Do you know what may be the reason why the normal installer build doesn't work?
  3. Hello. I am having trouble installing the latest version of CCleaner on my Windows 10 laptop. I manage to download it fine and it runs with no errors as far as the extraction process goes. This means that I am able to properly download the file from the official website and get as far as the screen that shows the extraction process right after running the .exe file. After that, this window closes and nothing else happens, as if I never ran the .exe file in the first place. I've been having issues with other software as well and have asked for help in their respective forum communities. I don't know if it's a problem with my install of Windows or not. I will gladly provide any information as needed about my computer and Windows install if I am able to find it.
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