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  1. Andavari, thanks for the path. It would be helpful to know if checking all the Windows boxes gets me much and if there's any danger of deleting something of value. Actually, is there a list somewhere of Windows items to check or to avoid using the same criteria as above (Windows Explorer, System, Advanced)? Thanks.
  2. Yes, quite right about revising habits from time to time. For me, I tend to leave tabs open when I search for something that I'd like to reference later, but have no need to keep as a bookmark. Once read, if it's valuable for later, I'll just move the website to the appropriate folder on my desktop. But, lots of things interest me and I never know what will grab my attention so this approach generally works. Since I keep open tabs to under 30, I don't think it hurts me much. But, it's always great to have a look. Thanks for you insights and help. Paul
  3. Thanks so much for your suggestions. I'll have a look at the link you enclosed. Because I only run CCleaner about once a month, if faced with this cumbersome way to identify the problem, my first reaction is that it might be easier to manually re-open all the tabs than to try to find the specific file culprit(s). Maybe I can use this as a good reason to combine and delete some tabs for efficiency. I imagine that might also speed up Chrome generally as an added bonus. Thanks again.
  4. @nukecad, Thanks for the questions. 1- only happens after running CCleaner 2- I use CCleaner free 3- I close Chrome nightly using the menu/exit and it does not happen unless running CCleaner 4- Unchecking Chrome internet cache prevents this from happening, but obviously I'd like to do whatever I can to speed up Chrome without deleting things like passwords. I don't object to cookies as they make it easier to access familiar sites, but I"m open to suggestions about items to check in any category. This does not happen to Firefox when the same "internet cache" is checked. I use the wipe free space maybe once every two years - same with registry cleaner (with everything checked). I don't use smart cleaning or scheduling. Secure deletion on "normal". Paul
  5. I could really use some help with this - If anyone has a suggestion, but has not had the time to help, maybe you might send a quick message? Thanks.
  6. I always update to the latest Ccleaner version. Under Chrome, I only have internet cache checked. When I reopen Chrome, all the previous open tabs are there, BUT they are all closed and I must click on each tab to open them again. Because many are youtube tabs, clicking on them starts the audio/video so I must go back to each one to pause the video in order to shut them up. Anyone know which setting in CCleaner causes this? Thanks. Paul
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