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  1. Dear Piriform Owners/Managers: Please, if there was ever a time to lose affiliations wtih Google/Alphabet, Inc. - it is now. Big Tech is destroying every aspect of our lives down to the weed level. Google needs to GO. I have asked the same thing of Mozilla/Firefox - a browser that was destroyed by Google several years back (ex. Lightbeam tracker was de-functioned and made almost unuseable). I find search censorship and suppression everywhere I look - and even the so-called "private" browsers (DuckDuckGo and StartPage/Ixquick) have contractual arrangements to hook into Google's censored search engine algorithms and AI. Google is doing it's utmost to destroy the spirit of the Internet - for which it needs to be prosecuted into the ground. I am posting this because there was a Google promo in the last download. At least Piriform didn't make me un-click an automatic download like Adobe. But I was really unhappy to see that Piriform is that integrated into Google directly. Google is evil and cannot be trusted to respect anyone's privacy. Therefore, ipso facto, Piriform might also be suspect. Guilt by association - with possibly who knows what getting downloaded onto our machines every time we run CCleaner. Abracoz! Dimojabe
  2. I was SO excited. Decent, private browsers that still create a comprehensive search result (not slaved via contract to Google) are impossible to find. With CCleaner's original mandate to remove crap others put onto our systems - who better to come up with one? So I gladly gave it a try - until I hit the screen that revealed the Microsoft Ownership. OHN. I'm 60 years old. I have 68,000 hours in front of a screen. I've worked with and for IT professionals. Even I know that Microsoft is not my friend. I dumped the new CCleaner browser as fast as I could and was actually sad. If Piriform can end it's association with the dark side, I will be happy to use it's browser. But apparently no one there has ever heard of the Massive oops Mission Data Repository in Bluffdale, UT... or the MIIC. Also, I tried to pay for CCleaner. It stopped working and became a glitch-filled mess. I tried to pay for Malwarebytes - same results. I'd happily pay if the programs worked when I paid for them. Lose Microsoft already, please.... Google and Microsoft are two of the most evil corporations on the planet. I can elucidate with multiple examples spanning decades of time.
  3. Thank you so much!! I have plenty of anti-virus, malware protection and a VPN. I really wish everyone out here with me in layperson land would understand that cookies are no longer simple files to target advertising. Mozilla Firefox won't even function if you disable it's cookies in your Firefox browser settings... and then there's location data collection. Fedex.com won't even let you use their client rating tools unless you allow Adobe Flash to capture your location for Fedex. They really do seem to be bundled together. At some point, we have to realize that the excuse that the software is free to us and has to be paid for in some way - is an excuse that has been left behind by the marketing of our data without any remuneration to us or permission from us. Maybe someday CCleaner will program up to the level where it can bring visibility to those who would track our activity on-line and sell it. Thanks again!!
  4. I don't want to use any of the 'advanced' features on this latest upgrade. I airgap and limit my "internet PC's" exposure... But, I really liked seeing how many trackers were removed each time I ran CCleaner Professional. Please restore this critical feature. It lets me know how vicious the data collection going on around me actually is... and how well my Google dominated Firefox browser plus add-ons are doing to remove/block the trackers. If I am not going to be paid for the data I generate, I want to know the level/degree of exploitation occurring around me. When Google took over Mozilla it destroyed their tracker observation tool called Collusion. They removed the audio alert feature, obscured the diagrams with a worthless dashboard, and re-named it Lightbeam. The big corps do NOT want us to know how much surveillance we are enduring because they do not want us to start demanding that our privacy be respected. The trackers removed count made me think CCleaner was on our side.
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