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  1. Since it seems like there was an update to the pricing/licensing I purchased on Thursday. (Basically, deselecting subscripions didn't increase price by 10€ again and more importantly, licensing isn't limited to 1 machine anymore.) @Andavari As a software vendor you have to make a tough choice on the licensing model: Real Subscription Model - low monthly or yearly fee (e.g. Office 365) Major Relases with upgrade path = V14 costs e.g. 30€ and the upgrade to V15 50% off => 15€ (old versions only receive essential support, like Parallels Desktop) Major Releases without up
  2. I just wanted to upgrade to the Pro+ Version as I've been a long term user of Speccy, Recuva and Defraggler. However, when I proceed to checkout of Pro+ it says that it's a 1year license. OK, fair enough. But I don't want it to auto-renew. Then the price increases by 10€ to a total of 40€. Yet the license seems to expire after year. That's the point where I started to lose interest. I mean 30€ initial licensing and e.g. 12€ per year afterwards would be a fair deal. CCleaner isn't getting that many updates that would justify 40€ each year... However, what killed it for me is the licensing p
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