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  1. My PC is Windows 7 x64 and I had previously installed VLC Player 64-bit. Yesterday, your Software Updater installed the 32-bit edition of VLC Player. Not only that, but it incorrectly displayed that the 64-bit edition had also been updated to latest version 3.0.6 when it was still version 3.0.5 This is a schoolboy level mistake in your CCleaner software that requires fixing. FIO: I have today manually deleted VLC Player 32-bit, and visited the VLC Player download site, downloaded the 64-bit edition and installed it.
  2. Current version = New version = 8.20.468.0.0 See https://www.dropbox.com/s/hkfqkg5acgx2ztp/Screenshot%202019-05-08%2013.51.17.png?dl=0 The Software Updater tried to update this, but the attempt failed. See https://www.dropbox.com/s/6da4f2fj4x696x7/Screenshot%202019-05-08%2013.43.02.png?dl=0 Clearly there's an issue with Software Updater not recognizing that my PC has the x64 edition of Windows 7. This needs to be fixed.
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