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  1. Sorry to hear that. We will forward this info to our team.
  2. Hello @IQuqa can you please add our setup to your anti virus exception list or just temporarily deactivate your anti virus protection during your install process and see if this will still happen on your device ?
  3. Hey @redmartian50, Is this issue still happening to you now ? If you haven't successfully installed the software you can just delete the Kamo folder from your Program Files address. The setup didn't finish due to that error and so the uninstall exe file hasn't been installed on your device.
  4. Happy to hear that @magic144. Have a great week !
  5. Thank you @Pierre42. Our team will contact you soon.
  6. Hey @johnp57, please send the support team an email at support@ccleaner.com so we could look more over your situation.
  7. Hey @Tom H, we are still working on a fix. Unfortunately no ETA at the moment but our team is focusing in bringing this back as soon as possible.
  8. Hello, I do apologise about this confusion. Please, just send us an email at support@ccleaner.com so our team could cancel your subscription. If you will use the email that you've purchased your subscription you won't have to worry about anything else as our team will quickly identify your license and subscription on our platform.
  9. Hey IsZar, could you try and see if the problem can be resolved by rebuilding the Windows Search Index, as described at https://www.techjunkie.com/how-to-solve-windows-search-issues-index-rebuild/ ?
  10. Hey Ivsunz37, Please send an email to our support team at support@ccleaner.com so they could have a closer look over your situation. Until our team will respond back to your email please try to add CCleaner to the Bitdefender exception list and try again to install our software.
  11. Hey Lucpeeters, Please submit a ticket to us at support@ccleaner.com so our team could help you fix this asap
  12. Hello XhmikosR, We've sent this to our devs to investigate and as soon as he will hear back from them we will let you know more about your situation.
  13. Hey Mcd73165 ! Rest assured we will iron out these bugs in our next release.
  14. Hey Tiger, Have you made sure to close your Chrome Browser before cleaning your device ? It can still run in the background if you don't close it from the tray section
  15. Hi Andres, I'm sorry to hear that. We've just contacted you via email. We'll wait for your reply there.
  16. Thank you for the screenshots provided. If you run the Duplicate Finder now, does it find a total of 23 duplicated files across the following folders? D:\#\Home\#Home\zBackups-Kodi\i3-Mike\2017+10+03+before+17.4\addons\script.module.dudehere.routines\resources\skins\Default\media\progress D:\#\Home\zBackups-Kodi\i3-Mike\2017+10+03+before+17.4\addons\script.module.dudehere.routines\resources\skins\Default\media\progress Or, does it find a different number of duplicate files in these folders? Additionally, does it find a total of 15 duplicated files, or a different numbe
  17. Hello Mike, I'm sorry to hear that. Can you please tell us approximately how many search results are being listed for you each time you start the duplicate finder process ?
  18. Hello, I'm sorry to hear that. Our support team will answer your ticket email soon.
  19. Hello Peter, I'm sorry to hear that. Do you have any other apps on your device that could clean your cookies ? It's possible that an app similar to ours may clean that cookie for you.
  20. Hello @Horatio, Our devs just updated us that this isn't an issue as our latest version cleans most visited and recently visited sites from the taskbar via the "Taskbar Jump List" rule in the Windows tab. Can you please have a look if you have that checked on your Custom Clean options ?
  21. Hey, the message you encounter on your device every time you run our software is actually from Windows as your "User account control" setting is set to always notify you when you run a software on your PC. If you want to stop that pop-up question you can change that notification setting yourself by pressing the button on that question screen that says: 'Modifier le moment d'affichage des notifications'
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