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  1. For quite a while my system keeps losings password in chrome and maybe edge.

    It seems every week or so my passwords get randomly wiped.  A couple of times it has forgot my computer and I needed to verify my Steam account again.

    This has been going on all year long and I reinstalled Windows twice.

    This current time, I only installed a minimal amount of programs on this gaming rig.  Then my system started slow booting a few weeks ago and I install CCleaner free to clean my system and it sped up a little bit.  

    But then it started to randomly lose password and I had to retype my passwords.

    It seems to get worse, and then I ran ccleaner recently again, after checking to make sure it wasn't cleaning passwords from my browsers, and it cleaned them anyway and I had to retype all of my passwords again.

    I uninstalled ccleaner about a week ago and no issues since.

    I also, never ran ccleaner during the password losses, and it didn't lose them all, only random ones needed reentering.  But when I ran ccleaner, it wiped them all.

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