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  1. I will follow your precious suggestions. Tomorrow I will be out of home but if you are not compelled to close the case I will inform you of the results.
  2. Many thanks nukecad for your assistance. I applied to Microsoft assistance and after various attempts they made a remote assistance and found that my system h as no more space and the way to proceed is through Store-search for programs-find your one-install.(in addition possibly uninstall programs of less importance) The experiment has nots been made with CCleaner and I will try to do it by myself.
  3. To make an experiment I have tried to download Team Viewer as other App but the result is the same as for CCleaner. So I am lost. Any suggestion on your part. Thanks Nukecad.
  4. As suggested I have tried download with Explorer the result is always the same. No notce saying my country is forbidden. Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are installed in my PC but I am not able to take "download" from the e-mail I received after purchase and address to one of them.
  5. As I have written i use Edge, Windows 10 (and Windows Live Mail 2016 as Client for the mail) and I am not capable of using Chrome or Mozilla taking the data from them.
  6. I have tried but the result is always the same, Thanks
  7. No result. Nothing has changed, void window appears with a circle turning in center.
  8. I am 90 yeas old and not fluent in english. On 21/4 I purchased CCleaner and Recuva .I use a PC with Edge, Win 10 and GData antivirus. It is impossible to make download for both. By clicking on "downlaod" in the email received by cleverbridge a void windows opens with a rotating circle inside and no subsequent action. I have tried to find and answer by asking Google but with no result. Can you suggest me a solution or where I can find one? Many Thanks
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