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  1. Hello everyone! So here goes: we had a 1TB (930GB) external hard drive filled to the brim with stuff that was connected to our home network. Occasionally I would disconnect it to work with some of the files directly. One day, the router's file sharing protocol seemed not to be working properly, as the directory was inaccessible via windows explorer. This has happened before, so I tried getting the files through FTP. However, things only got worse as the FTP interface also stopped responding. I figured out the drive was having a bad day, and just let it be. The next day I disconnected the 900-GB-full hard drive from the router and plugged it on my pc. I got the chills reading "930 GB free out of 930 GB" on my computer. But since I never plugged it in or out improperly and have never formatted it, I knew something was up with the file system/partitions. I am no computer wiz, so naturally, I resorted to recuva pro, which I consider an excellent product for this kind of damage. After a few hours the program found 57k files, all at an excellent state, with no overwritten clusters detected. However, the file names are missing and for most the path appears as E:\?. Therefore all or my attempts at restoring thus far end up with a zillion numerically named files, with no folders, subfolders or clues as to what they originally were. Since opening and renaming 57k files one-by-one is going to take a century, would you happen to know if there is any other way besides this? Could the file directory have gone completely missing? Thank you
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