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  1. Hello. Here is some screenshots I made. Some screenshots show that I am from Kazakhstan. But some of that from Iran. I dont know what to think. That situation means, that Ccleaner spying on my computer. Or Ccleaner was hacked again? Or what?
  2. I am from Kazakhstan. I use ccleaner only for home use. 16 years already. I'm shocked. Ccleaner hacked again? Like in 2017 year? What is it, I dont understand? Kazakhstan is not in sanction list. Or, if I installed russian version, that means that I am from Russian Federation? Or what?
  3. Hello. I installed ccleaner 5.56, latest version availible. 1 day it worked fine. But today, I got this message: "этот продукт запрещено использовать в вашем месте пребывания", on english: "Ccleaner is not allowed in your location". What does it mean? Thank you. P.S. I am not from Russian Federation, if this is so important.
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