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  1. Yes, that's very true. Owning my own business, I have to deal with false negative reviews all the time.
  2. Really sorry for the late reply Dave. I didn't get an email so I assumed that no-one else replied to my post. I'm not too sure when, but the eBay listing that I was referring to has now since been removed. Hopefully, people won't actually fall for these type of scams. As you said, I was just trying to get a good deal as I am really tight on money and can hardly afford a £5/month subscription. It's really sad, because over 30 people left positive feedback with that seller, assuming that they did not know that they were sold a pirated license key. Good luck with removing the fraudulent listings!
  3. I would normally buy something directly from the software publisher, but CCleaner is just a little bit too expensive for me and it's not a lifetime license either. I don't really have much money so I was trying to find a cheap license on eBay that perhaps someone didn't want anymore ect.
  4. This is the link to the eBay post in which I stupidly purchased it from: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/312563342593. The seller has since given in and refunded my money.
  5. Hello there, I've purchased a license code of CCleaner from an ebay seller. Everything was okay, until he sent me 'instructions' on how to activate my license. In his instructions, he told me to 'deactivate my internet' before entering my license code. I've done some research online and the exact code that he gave me is publically available on the Internet with some YouTube videos showing you how to 'crack' CCleaner. Could someone (ideally staff) please confirm to me that the eBay seller has scammed me? I thought I purchased a genuine license as in the title it says "Ccleaner Professional 2019 Genuine Product Key License Code (SALE)." which obviously suggests that the license is real. furthermore, when I followed his steps, CCleaner even says it's an invalid key (although it does activate.) It just says this when you click on the 'License Information' button in the Product status section. I've notified the seller and he just keeps saying that the key is genuine and I just need to disconnect from the internet to use it. Many Thanks.
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