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  1. Sorry I meant 4k as in resolution. It was a single video file at 50 gb size that I was editing every now and then. I guess it can't be recovered. About 8 softwares I tried, only recuva and easeus found the file with correct size, 1 managed to found at 0 bytes, others couldn't even find it. My last backup was 3 months ago but atleast there is a backup... Anyway, thanks for the help!
  2. Hello. I've accidentally deleted a huge 4k video file that I created myself from my various shots. It was on secondary HDD and I didn't do anything that writes any data on the disc. However, Recuva finds the file with correct size but cannot recover since apparently it only found 2 clusters on the disc. The header tab also shows nothing. It found other smaller files which occupies like thousand clusters but I don't understand why is this only showing 2 clusters despite recuva detecting the full size. Is the file completely gone?
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