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  1. BUT!!! I am NOT trying to delete the drive, BUT to CLEAN IT as I do with the system drives C: and D: !!! That's means what I asked in my first post: TO APPLY CCleaner on my external disks TO CLEAN and ANALIZE them !
  2. also "Advanced" is in gray, NOT OPERABLE! Is my CCLEANER License Key: *REMOVED* License Expiry Date: March 11 2020 aprofessional one ?
  3. Sorry! I HAVE NOT " Custom Files and Folders " button on my CCLEANER PROFESSIONAL!!!! License Key: *REMOVED* License Expiry Date: March 11 2020
  4. Thanks a LOT ! Everybody for YOUR HELP!
  5. How can I apply my CCleaner Profesional in an extewrnal disk (F: Backup and other folders) connnected to my computer ? Please, explanation step-by-step for a newbe! Thans in advance Roberto
  6. Hello There! I had purchased the professional edition recently, and OUT OF cleaning the browser when I close one to open another browser, I DO NOT SEE a great difference with the free edition I used for a lot of years before . Reaching to the day of renew the product, if it is today I return to the free edition! Thank for anyone explaning to me WHAT I AM MISSING! Roberto
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