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  1. First, I am running windows 10 with latest updates, as well as latest release of CCleaner Pro. Recently noticed that I am no longer being notified that CCleaner cleaned MS Edge upon exit, and I am getting new notifications now after exiting MS Outlook that CCleaner cleaned Internet Explorer (?). I always received CCleaner notifications after exiting EDGE, and never before received notifications after exiting Outlook. Very strange. I have made no changes to default settings and there is nothing in the settings options that would explain this behavior. Any ideas? Other than this
  2. Good Day - Long time user, possibly one of your originals. CCleaner Pro suddenly stopped cleaning MS Edge on closing and, now instead, cleans (or so it says) MS Outlook. I have the latest versions of everything and have made no changes to CCleaner settings. Settings call for Edge to be cleaned on close. The cleaning of Outlook is something new as I have never seen that notification before. I am using very latest version of Windows 10. Many thanks in advance for your help. - Cheers TB
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