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  1. Thank you so much nikecad. Although Adw-cleaner did not get it, I just have the free version, it did find som stuff that should have been gone, something that is potentially dangerous. Yes, it is the most annoying! Good to have it confirmed it is not dangerous. Found Bing with the Adw, and did a search on that, found several solutions and I am happily back on Google. Thanks again and have a lovely spring :-)
  2. Oh help! Lil old lady, anybody who can walk me across the road? I got CC-cleaner to stop this from happening, Yahoo suddenly popping up and making itself boss of my browser. I do not surf porn, I surf lil old lady-sites. I admit to have visited UK The Sun, but only after having read my NYT, I promise. Yet it happened again yesterday. I searched this forum but found no soln that applied to my case. I find many online that does not work or requires knowledge of software I do not have, heck I don`t even understand this one properly and can`t figure it out All I accomplished yesterday was to mess up the way it was set up when I installed and now I am in "TOS-hell" and have to Agree on every site under the sun, but not The Sun, I won`t read it no more, if someone can please help me stop this frigging bad search-engine imposing itself on me.
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