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  1. Here is a capture of the said behaviour: Project 1.mp4
  2. The problem appears to be more extensive than just jumplists. Having performed a ccleaner custom clean with all conceivable wipe options selected I reopened firefox and navigated to youtube expecting to start a new log in and guess what, I find myself still logged in to my account! Tried this a dozen times in a row. Closed Firefox, let cceaner autoclean, then opened ccleaner to do a manual clean, reopened firefox and navigated to you youtube and.......... I'm still logged in to gmail and youtube. Interestingly, for a brief moment on loading the youtube's homepage it doesn't appear that I'
  3. Got it! Thanks for clearing that up. Edit: The only issue I have with your explanation is this: When I clear history from inside the browser, this action also clears the jump list on the task bar. This is firefox cleaning up after itself, not Windows. So why can't this action be incorporated in CCleaner's automatic cleaning when I close firefox? Sorry, it just seems that it's a reasonable expectation that Pro would do this.
  4. Hi. No it isn't synced and I'm not signed in to firefox or any other cloud service. I close firefox and see the cleaning animation then ccleaner notifies me that firefox history etc has all been cleaned. Then when I right click on the firefox icon in the task bar I see a list of clickable links to websites I recently visited under the "Frequent" section. I reopen firefox and close it down again, repeating the automatic cleaning process and again ccleaner tells me history has been deleted (quoting the same Mb size of files cleaned) but when I right click on firefox the links are still
  5. As stated in title. When I shut the firefox browser, ccleaner shows wiping animation and notifies me that browser history has been cleaned but when I check, everything is still there. I'm using trial version of ccleaner pro on Windows 10 Pro Version 10.0.10586 Build 10586 What is the problem? thanks.
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